Friday, August 5, 2011

Newsletter to Become Blog

Today I am starting a change over from a newsletter that comes out every so often to a blog (small newsletter) that will be weekly. If I have something that I can't wait to tell you then you might strike lucky and get two blogs a week. If a blog isn't what you want then please go ahead and unsubscribe, but do give me a chance for a few weeks. I'm sure you'll find it as good as any newsletter I've written, only smaller.

Smoothies are standard fare in my house.I have a general guide to ingredients; some standard and others dependant on what's in the cupboard, fruit bowl or fridge/freezer.For the sake of those of you who need to be inspired or are just plain nosey, here's what I had. Frozen bananas, cherries and the last of the Omaha organic blueberries. A small handful of almonds, a generous tablespoon each of ground linseed, maca and mesquite powder. I picked a handful spinach from the garden and a teensy bit of coriander (it's very strong!) from one of my herb pots. A dollop of raw honey and raw milk (dairy) as my liquid. Whizz, whizz in my vita-mix resulting in a gorgeous colour and, a yummy and filling lunch. It kept me going all afternoon till dinner time.

Today I was reminded that my friends need a reminder every so often to make the most of a smoothie. Why just have a banana and kiwifruit when it could be so much more! Take advantage of tossing in greens that can't be tasted, superfood powders that add some zoom to your nutrition and what ever extras you fancy. Make your smoothie more of an orchestra than a quartet! Quartets sound sweet and have their place but an orchestra is just magic.


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